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UC Trying To Become New Federally Recognized Wine Region

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Upper Cumberland Wineries have petitioned the federal government to make the Upper Cumberland its own American Viticultural Area (AVA). Appalachian Region Wine Producers Association President Rick Riddle said he expects progress on the proposal in the early summer. Riddle said a study from the University of Tennessee found that wine consumers place a high value on these special wine regions. ... Read More »

UCHRA Super Distribution To Serve Increased Volume Of Food In December

UCHRA is giving out some four times the normal amount of food during its December distributions. Community Services Program Manager Judy Sanchez said they have received extra food through the USDA Commodities Program. Sanchez said vegetables, nuts, beef, and salmon will be available for pickup during events. “All this extra food is going out into the community to all of ... Read More »

Plant Hardiness Map Shifts UC, Putnam Specifically Into Warmer Zone

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For the first time in a decade the USDA updated its Plant Hardiness Map and it shows most of the Upper Cumberland has warmed up. Putnam County in particular went from a 7a zone to a 7b zone. This means the county’s average lowest temperatures over the last 30 years has raised from a 0-5 degree average to a 5-10 ... Read More »

Fentress Gets $1.4 Million Grant To Study Water Supply

Fentress County has received a $1.4 million USDA grant to study the county’s water supply and how it could impact development. Industrial Development Board Member Dwight Dixon said the study will come at no cost to the county. He said USDA wants to help rural communities understand another important aspect of recruiting industry. “We don’t know what the study will ... Read More »

Clay Nearing Bidding Process For Jail

Clay County Mayor Dale Reagan said the county is about “halfway” through the process of putting the jail project out to bid. Reagan said there had been setbacks due to the city needing to upgrade sewer lines. He said the most recent setback was the County having to resubmit the bid documents to USDA. “We had to go through that ... Read More »

Algood Approves Bid For Old Walton Sewer Project

Algood City Council approved a $2.1 million bid for the Old Walton Sewer Project. Mayor Lisa Chapman-Fowler said that the project started in 2014 as just a sewer project. She said that she feels obligated to start this project. “When we annexed these folks in the Old Walton area, it was in their plan of services that we gave our ... Read More »

Monterey Aldermen Approve Local Bank Search For Wastewater Plant

Monterey will be gauging interest from local banks for loans to fund its new wastewater treatment plant. The Board of Aldermen approved the next step in the project Monday. Certified Municipal Finance Officer Ella Dishman said the town needs a line of credit of $6 million over a two-year term length. “At the end of two years, then we would ... Read More »

Potential Cumberland Affordable Housing Project Would Answer High Need

Cumberland County Habitat for Humanity says the need is high for more affordable housing in the county. UCDD is pursuing a USDA housing project that could bring up to 160 affordable homes to the area. Habitat for Humanity Executive Director Vanessa Petty said the opportunity could help close the gap. “We have a lot of people that come through here ... Read More »

UCDD Executive Committee Okays Director To Pursue Cumberland Housing Project

The UCDD Executive Board has given Executive Director Mark Farley the go ahead to seek more information on a USDA housing project in Cumberland County. Farley said USDA has approached the district with a site development program that could bring up to 160 affordable homes. “What they have asked us to consider doing is develop the sites, work with the ... Read More »