Friday, April 3, 2020
Happening Now

The Scene: Johnathan Stager & Foxmoor Fine Furniture

Find out how Johnathan Stager got his start woodworking, and who inspires him.

Join host Emily Newman as she sits down with Johnathan Stager of Foxmoor Fine Furniture. Learn more about why he made the switch from graphic design to woodworking as a way to generate income while allowing him to express himself artistically, as well as who inspires his style of woodworking. Emily also chats with Jason Jenkins of The Painted Bristle to learn more about his repurposing work that he does along side his furniture restoration work. Find out more about Jack Loeb and his abstract, expressionistic pieces, and where he finds the inspiration for them. Emily also talks with Susan DeMay of Made By DeMay Ceramics to learn more about her history with ceramics, and her background in art throughout her school years.

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