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TWRA Want To Implement New Deer Management Units Across State

TWRA is discussing potential policy and regulation changes focused on internal management and deer monitoring practices. Wildlife Biologist Casey Mullen said the agency wants to implement a new system for obtaining and using information called adaptive harvest management. Mullen said the changes will have little impact on hunters. “There’s not going to be a wide-reaching change, but there could be ... Read More »

Local Farm Said Turkey Demand High, Increasing Production

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The demand for high-quality food continues to increase, even for basics like the Thanksgiving turkey. Heavenly Acres Farm increased turkey production some 25 percent this year. Co-owner Nicole Espinoza said they are looking to at least double production next year despite higher prices. She said the sharp rise in feed costs is the main cause. “You know, it trickles down,” ... Read More »

York Institute Students Raise Thanksgiving Turkey For Gov. Lee

Governor Bill Lee will enjoy a turkey raised and harvested by York Institute students for his Thanksgiving dinner. York Institute School Director John Bush said the turkey was one of 66 birds students raised to maturity. He said the opportunity came about after Department of Education Commissioner Penny Schwinn told the governor about the turkey farming efforts. “Just a great ... Read More »

Thawing Turkey Most Important Step When Frying

Putnam County Fire Chief Tom Brown said making sure your turkey is thawed is the number one tip when attempting to fry your turkey this Thanksgiving. “The biggest danger is the turkey is not thawed,” Brown said. “If it’s still frozen or partially frozen, it’s going to cause a violent reaction when it hits the hot grease and boil over ... Read More »

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Frying A Turkey

For those considering frying your turkey this Thanksgiving, be mindful of the fire dangers involved. Turkey fryers commonly overheat and start grease fires without the right precautions. Putnam County Fire Chief Tom Brown said the first step to safely fry a turkey is thawing the meat. “You introduce a frozen turkey to super heated grease or oil, and it is ... Read More »

Ag Extension’s Parrott: Time Is Now To Defrost Turkey

Thanksgiving is days away and now is the time to start defrosting your turkey. Putnam County UT Extension Agent Michelle Parrott said some of the largest turkeys can take up to four days to fully thaw. “What you want to do is make place in your fridge, get a small pan you can place the turkey in and then, look ... Read More »