Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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Thawing Turkey Most Important Step When Frying

Putnam County Fire Chief Tom Brown said making sure your turkey is thawed is the number one tip when attempting to fry your turkey this Thanksgiving.

“The biggest danger is the turkey is not thawed,” Brown said. “If it’s still frozen or partially frozen, it’s going to cause a violent reaction when it hits the hot grease and boil over causing a fire.”

Brown said when frying a turkey, use the appropriate amount of oil. Brown said place the fryer in an open area outside, away from combustible items. Brown said then, your thawed turkey is ready to be fried.

“You can Google the amount of oil that’s recommended for the size turkey you have,” Brown said. “Keep that fryer away from anything that can burn like a deck, under a deck or in a house. It needs to be out in the open.”