Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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Local Farm Said Turkey Demand High, Increasing Production

The demand for high-quality food continues to increase, even for basics like the Thanksgiving turkey.

Heavenly Acres Farm increased turkey production some 25 percent this year. Co-owner Nicole Espinoza said they are looking to at least double production next year despite higher prices. She said the sharp rise in feed costs is the main cause.

“You know, it trickles down,” Espinoza said. “And we do feed all organic, non-GMO, soy-free, so that does come with a more premium price tag as far as feed is considered. But I know specifically with where we get our feed from, their costs have increased as far as just getting the ingredients”

Espinoza said the Warren County farm sold out of turkeys both this year and last.

Espinoza said larger farms will be more heavily affected by the increasing cost of supplies in the coming years.

“Their overhead is so much bigger and so much higher,” Espinoza said. “For us, being a small farm, it helps. We get to control costs a bit more. We don’t have, you know, costs for huge machinery and equipment, things like that.”

“I think people are willing to consume meat less in order to purchase a more premium product that is humanely raised and better for their bodies and more nutrient dense,” Espinoza said.