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Bidding Underway For New Piney Convenience Center

Van Buren County bidding out several projects involved in a new Piney Solid Waste Convenience Center, to better accommodate residents and prepare the area for future growth. Van Buren County Mayor David Sullivan said the county has bid out construction of three structures including a large pole barn, a 12-by-12 building, and a concrete pad. He said the site will ... Read More »

Clay Sanitation Bidding Fencing For New Moss Site

The Clay County Sanitation Department is taking bids for fencing at the new Moss facility, set to open later this year. Administrative Assistant Meghan Deckard said the department has identified a plot of land for the new site but needs to surround the 100 by-100-foot space with a fence. She said all sites have fencing to prohibit after-hours access from ... Read More »

Disposing Of Christmas Trash: Sort It Then Tarp It

The uptick in trash and recycling after holiday festivities can create issues if disposed of improperly. White County Solid Waste Director Chip Hall said in White County, the landfill is the best place to take a Christmas tree and any large decorations that you no longer want. He said wrapping paper goes with household trash, not recycling as many may ... Read More »

Clay Co Plans To Use Solid Waste Grant On Trash Compactor

The Clay County Solid Waste Department a step closer to installing trash compactors at its convenience centers. Mayor Dale Reagan said the county received a $50,000 grant that will be used to purchase and install the gear. “We’ve got about five different locations across the county that we call the green box sites,” Reagan said. “What we are trying to ... Read More »

White Co Commission Chair Confident In Relationship With Sparta

White County Commission Chair Robert McCormick said he believes the relationship between Sparta and the county remains healthy. That after concerns from city leaders about open communication regarding the landfill cell situation. The city has historically used the county landfill for garbage until the county paused residential trash intake. McCormick said while there may be some stress, the two governments ... Read More »

Sparta Remains In The Unknown On Future Of White County Landfill

Sparta Mayor Jerry Lowery said the Board of Aldermen needs to seriously explore a permanent solution to transfer city garbage. City employees have been hauling city trash to an out-of-county facility since August due to White County closing its landfill cell. Lowery requested City Administrator Brad Hennessee to review the costs. “I think it is imperative that we get aggressive ... Read More »

Sparta Preparing For White County To Sell Its Landfill

Sparta City Administrator Brad Hennessee said the Board of Aldermen needs to be prepared for the county to sell its landfill. Hennessee told the Board Tuesday night in a work session that the city has a backup plan prepared. Hennessee said the city needs concrete information from the county before making a decision though. “It appears to me, and I’m ... Read More »

Sparta Facing Trash Emergency Following County’s Landfill Study

White County closing its landfill for study has caused an “emergency in the sanitation department” of Sparta. City Administrator Brad Hennessee said now that the county is diverting trash, city employees drive 160 miles a day to dump in McMinnville. Sparta has regularly used White County’s landfill to dump in the past. “It’s certainly more expensive than the way that ... Read More »

Algood Trash Pickup Delayed With Two Trucks Broken Down

Algood trash pickup delayed a few hours Thursday as both garbage trucks undergo maintenance. City Administrator Keith Morrison said routes may not be completed until Friday morning. “We’re hoping its something that we can get back on the road pretty quick,” Morrison said. “We’re hoping one of them is just a fuse that’s got it shut down. The other one ... Read More »

Truck Maintenance Delays Trash Pickup In Sparta

Sparta trash pickup services should resume by next week after maintenance on garbage trucks caused a short delay. Public Works Director Dillard Quick said the main truck’s pickup arm is out of commission and the backup has a bad alternator. “Trying to find an alternator for that truck is very difficult,” Quick said. “We’ve been dealing that with Worldwide out ... Read More »