Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Clay Sanitation Bidding Fencing For New Moss Site

The Clay County Sanitation Department is taking bids for fencing at the new Moss facility, set to open later this year.

Administrative Assistant Meghan Deckard said the department has identified a plot of land for the new site but needs to surround the 100 by-100-foot space with a fence. She said all sites have fencing to prohibit after-hours access from those outside the department.

“Only our employees are allotted to operate the equipment that we have like the compactors, the cardboard balers, and stuff like that,” Deckard said. “Which of course, it will be a minute before we’re adding stuff like that out there. It’s just to go ahead and have that precaution and security.”

She said the department hopes to be moved in by June or early July. She said they have to be completely moved out of the current site by August because the lessors of the property have sold the land. Deckard said the fencing also keeps animals from getting into bagged trash on-site.

“Animals as well,” Deckard said. “Keeps them out from tearing into the garbage and the roll-offs and the dumpsters and making a mess there that then, our workers have to turn around and pick up, or our residents have to see, and we try to keep our sites and our county as clean as possible. We take a lot of pride in that.”

She said the fencing would need to be installed before the move. Deckard said bids can be delivered by mail or in person to the mayor’s office until the April 15 opening. She said bids should also include 20-foot cantilever gates.

“This property that we’re moving to is the county’s, so we won’t be on anybody’s property,” Deckard said. It’s actually ours. So it’ll be more of a stationary point and, hopefully, a little more accessible to our residents.”

She said fencing would also help prevent the illegal dumping that has plagued the department. She said dumping is not as prevalent in recent years, but the occasional illegal dump creates an extra mess for the department to contend with.