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Dekalb Introducing Baby Court For Families At Risk

Dekalb County has introduced a new Safe Baby Court program designed to provide resources to children and families affected by abuse and neglect. General Sessions Court Judge Brandon Cox said the county received a $100,000 grant from the state based on the county’s need for the program. He said families with a child 36 months or younger in the home ... Read More »

100 Percent Of Jackson Students Qualify As Rural In New Funding Formula

Jackson County Director of Schools Kristy Brown saw one of her biggest wants addressed in the new proposed school funding model. Brown said that as a member of the rural school districts subcommittee, it was important to her to see a district’s ruralness acknowledged and factored into the budget. “They have basically a five percent additional weight for each student ... Read More »

Warren Utility Manager Brings Rural Perspective To TDEC Committee

Warren County Utility District General Manager Anthony Pelham has been working on a TDEC committee as a rural representative for ARP funding. The Water Infrastructure Advisory Committee was formed to guide the prioritization of projects. Pelham said aged infrastructure and water loss are issues he brings to the table. “Pretty much gives the perspective of a rural utility district,” Pelham ... Read More »

Clay To Be Focus For TDEC Rural Economy Tourism Initiative

Clay County will be one of several focus areas for TDEC’s newly-launched initiative to heighten tourism industries in rural and distressed counties. Brian Clifford directs the Tennesse Bureau of Parks and Conservation Strategy and Support Office. He said that Clay is a significant area for the initiative because of its natural richness. Clifford said the goal is to grow rural ... Read More »

Governor Lee Tells Jackson Residents He Wants To Ramp Up Tourism

Governor Bill Lee said that he wants to ramp up the tourism industry both across the state and in the Upper Cumberland at his visit to Jackson County on Thursday afternoon. Lee said after tourism took a hit during the pandemic, the state has invested a lot into the industry. This includes the many state parks located in rural communities ... Read More »

Baxter Fire Investigator Elected To State Board Combating Arson

A Baxter Fire Lieutenant and Investigator has been elected to the Board of Directors for the Tennessee Advisory Committee on Arson. Investigator Zachary Womack said TACA uses a lot of effort to provide low cost arson training for volunteer fire departments in rural areas. Womack said the lack of resources in the community can lead to arson. “You can see ... Read More »

Fentress Highway Department Wants To Pave 15 Miles Of Gravel Roads

The Fentress County Highway Department wants to pave 15 miles of gravel road over the next year. Road Supervisor Joey Reagan said he will ask the county commission to allow the department to take out a $1.5 million capital improvement loan. Reagan said this will better serve the county’s most rural residents. “The majority is in the west Fentress area,” ... Read More »