Monday, June 17, 2024
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Governor Lee Tells Jackson Residents He Wants To Ramp Up Tourism

Governor Bill Lee said that he wants to ramp up the tourism industry both across the state and in the Upper Cumberland at his visit to Jackson County on Thursday afternoon.

Lee said after tourism took a hit during the pandemic, the state has invested a lot into the industry. This includes the many state parks located in rural communities across the Upper Cumberland.

“We want people to recognize the beauty and uniqueness of every community,” Lee said. “We made a significant investment in our state parks this year, and deferred maintenance to remove the build of deferred maintenance. We have one of the best state parks systems in the country, and we need to keep in maintained.”

Lee said there is the potential for the state to use federal funding, including money from the American Rescue Plan, to pay for projects of this nature.

He said that rural communities like Jackson are such an important part of Tennessee’s makeup, so he wants to ensure they’re cared for. County Mayor Randy Heady said the governor has achieved this, after taking Jackson County out of distress.

“He’s has thrown so many resources at rural communities,” Heady said. “Now it may be up to use those resources, but they’re there. I told when I was giving him the gift basket, his love that he has showed for my county has been overwhelming. He has just done so many wonderful things.”

Heady said taking care of rural communities was a promise Lee made if he was elected, and that it has been a promise kept.