Monday, June 17, 2024
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Fentress Highway Department Wants To Pave 15 Miles Of Gravel Roads

The Fentress County Highway Department wants to pave 15 miles of gravel road over the next year.

Road Supervisor Joey Reagan said he will ask the county commission to allow the department to take out a $1.5 million capital improvement loan. Reagan said this will better serve the county’s most rural residents.

“The majority is in the west Fentress area,” Reagan said. “But there are gravel roads in all five districts that are going to get to see the chip and seal.”

Reagan said resident complaints about gravel roads are common. He said the most common complaints are about the gravel dust and pot holes forming. Reagan said the loan will be through a bank, pending the commission’s approval on Monday night.

“The better your roads are, the more tourism,” Reagan said. “A lot of our gravel roads are in rural areas. It will save money once we get them under chip and seal.”

Reagan said that county’s gravel bill can become expensive in the winter and this would provide long-term savings. This $1.5 million dollar capital improvement loan is a request, and will require the Fentress County Commission’s approval on Monday night.