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Park Coming To The Site Of The Former Patton Doll House Museum

Work began this week to build a memorial park outside the new Putnam County Veterans Services Office. The park off Highway 70 will remember the county’s veterans as well as the 19 people who lost their lives in the 2020 tornado. The Patton House Doll Museum, destroyed in the tornado, previously sat on the site. “Because that was where that ... Read More »

Putnam Moving Into New Veteran Services Office And Archives Building

The moving process to relocate Putnam County’s Veteran Services Office and Archives has begun. Mayor Randy Porter said the county has received the certificate of occupancy following the completion of the new building. “The veterans museum alone with all those showcases with veteran uniforms, and it is a lot to move,” Porter said. “There is a lot more than what’s ... Read More »

State Comptroller’s Office Reports One Minor Finding In Putnam Audit

Putnam County received one finding in its 2021-2022 audit by the State Comptroller’s Office. Mayor Randy Porter said the minor finding was under the road department. A double entry error that lead to revenue not matching the general ledger. “We do really well to be a county our size and all the departments and officials we have to not have ... Read More »

Putnam Mayor Increasing Local Advertising For Fairgrounds

You may notice some new for sale signs placed around the Putnam County Fairgrounds while driving through Cookeville. County Mayor Randy Porter said it is part of the strategy to deal the some 40 acres. Porter said the idea was to increase advertisements as more holiday traffic comes through town. “You never know who might be stopping by and getting ... Read More »

Putnam County Preparing Designs To Bid Out Maintenance and Bus Garage Next Year

Designs ready for Putnam County’s county road and maintenance facility and school bus garage to be located on Tennessee Avenue. Mayor Randy Porter said the facility will be large enough to place all county vehicle maintenance under one roof. “Our architects and engineers have been working on this for several months now,” Porter said. “Getting real close on getting bid ... Read More »

New Patton House, Veterans Service Building Nearing Year End Completion

The new Patton House Doll Museum and Veterans facility in Putnam County should be completed by the end of the year. That is according to Mayor Randy Porter. Porter said painting and flooring are about to begin for the some 6,200 square foot building. “It’s going to be a nice facility, and I think the public will enjoy it, especially ... Read More »

County Wants To Improve Jere Whitson Park Through Grant

Putnam County seeking grant funding to renovate Jere Whitson Park. Mayor Randy Porter said the $750,000 grant would be used to install new playground equipment. “We put new playground equipment out there back four or five years ago, but anytime the equipment is outside it can go down,” Porter said. “We’ve had some vandalism out in that area as well.” ... Read More »

Putnam Seeking Grant To Establish Emergency Generators At County Buildings

Putnam County applying for grant funding to install emergency generators at several county buildings. Mayor Randy Porter said the idea is to install the gear at community centers, libraries and the county courthouse for emergency shelter purposes. “Especially the Cookeville and Monterey Community Centers,” Porter said. “They are large to where you could have several people be able to be ... Read More »

Porter: Tax Increase For New School Could Not Happen Until Next Year

Putnam County Mayor Randy Porter said county commissioners could decide to issue a bond for the $15 million to build the upper grade wing of Park View School. But the money would have to come out of the county’s general fund in the short term. Porter said the county cannot raise taxes inside a new budget year. “They can hit ... Read More »