Friday, December 2, 2022
Happening Now

Putnam Doing What It Can To Help Business Owners Facing Parking Issues Near Justice Center

Putnam County Mayor Randy Porter said the county is doing its best to mitigate parking issues with businesses near the Justice Center.

Porter said the county’s two parking lots down the road for court parking have not been used as anticipated. Instead, people are parking at private businesses across the street.

“We’re working with those business owners and have been now for the last few months,” Porter said. “We have put up some new signs in those areas telling them that it’s not Justice Center parking and they will be towed. The sheriff has sent over deputies to the primary ones.”

Porter said business owners have indicated that the efforts have made the situation better. Porter said the county is also in the process of placing a bus shelter at the parking lots to start shuttling people to the Justice Center.

Porter said the situation has been a process to get people acclimated to the old parking lot being unavailable. Porter said the county does not want to impact any local businesses moving forward.