Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Warren Co. Mask Mandate Extended

The Warren County mask mandate has extended until the end of September. Executive Jimmy Haley said the decision will be evaluated weekly based on COVID numbers.  “We will continue to monitor that progress and give updates and reports as needed,” Haley said. “The numbers are showing some improvement, but we still must do our part to keep our children in ... Read More »

Overton County BOE Will Not Enforce Mask Mandate

Overton County students will not be required to wear masks. The Overton County Board of Education voted 9-0 against the mandate Thursday night. Director of Schools Mark Winningham said the decision to wear a mask in school should be a personal decision. “Personally, I think it is the appropriate decision,” Winningham said. “I think that we should leave that up ... Read More »

Tennessee Commissioner Visits Burks

Tennessee Education Commissioner Dr. Penny Schwinn took a tour of Burks Elementary Wednesday. Schwinn checked in on 6th grade kids all the way down to 1st graders, to see how things are operating. Schwinn spoke with students, teachers and staff as she moved from class to class. Schwinn said she was impressed with the work Burks Elementary Principal Kevin Maynard ... Read More »

Dekalb Schools Reopen Wednesday

Dekalb County Schools reopen Wednesday morning with a mask mandate and remote learning as two separate challenges. Dekalb County delayed opening schools for two weeks when an employee tested positive for COVID-19. Dekalb County School Director Patrick Cripps said he wanted to avoid having regrets about re-opening without a mask mandate. “We’ve got to try to keep our students and ... Read More »

No Mask Mandate For Overton Schools

No mask mandate in place for the Overton County Schools. A social media post over the weekend said a mask mandate would be put in place beginning Tuesday. The social media post has since been deleted. Overton County School Director Mark Winningham said there is currently no mandate. Until the board of education takes action, masks will only be recommended. Read More »

Warren County Issues Mask Mandate

The Warren County Coronavirus Task Force has mandated wearing face masks in public. County Executive Jimmy Haley said the task force met Wednesday and unanimously agreed on the mandate. “It is the right and the responsible thing to do,” Haley said. “As your county executive, I realize the buck stops here. In my commitment to serve or county, and the ... Read More »

Livingston Mandates Masks For City Employees

The city of Livingston will require all city employees to wear face coverings while in office. Residents entering city buildings will also be required to wear a mask. Livingston Mayor Curtis Hayes said the city is taking precaution before Covid becomes widespread in Overton. “We really believe this is the right thing to do at this point,” Hayes said. “Our ... Read More »

Van Buren Mask Mandate For Select County Buildings

Van Buren County will require masks to enter three of its county buildings. The mandate will begin Monday for the county’s administration building, library and the Burrit College Building. Van Buren Mayor Greg Wilson said the decision will hopefully limit the spread of Covid. “We have grown 22 cases in the last three weeks,” Wilson said. “That is a bit ... Read More »

Clay County Will Not Mandate Masks

Clay County Mayor Dale Reagan said he will encourage residents to wear masks, but he will not mandate it. “Well I think that we all have rights to freedom to make decisions,” Reagan said. “I feel like our citizens out there will make good decisions.” Governor Lee’s executive order 54 gives county mayors the option to mandate masks. Reagan said ... Read More »