Monday, October 2, 2023
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Prescott South To Host Presentation About Internet Safety

Prescott South Middle School will present a talk next week to help parents prevent cyber crimes against children. Counselor Amanda Vaughn said she knows the community does not like to think our children could be at risk for predators in Cookeville, but with the state of the world, it is better to have all tools and knowledge available. “It’s very ... Read More »

Pickett Ag Extension And School System Hosting Internet Safety Course

Pickett County Ag Extension partnering with the Pickett County School System to host an internet safety meeting for parents and students Tuesday. Family and Consumer Science Extension Agent Amanda Woody will lead the parent session. She said she will review the dangers of the internet, social media privacy and mental health impacts to children. “The school really saw a need ... Read More »

Twin Lakes Proposal Would Expand Fiber Internet To Eastern Portion Of County

Monterey and surrounding areas could gain access to Twin Lakes internet services if a new company proposal gains funding. General Manager and CEO Jonathan West said the company is focusing more on rural areas where it is costly to build, not necessarily within city limits. “The reality is this grant really changes things,” West said. “It takes the entire eastern ... Read More »

Putnam To Use Combo Of State And Federal COVID Funding For Broadband

Federal and state COVID funding has created the perfect opportunity to explore fiber internet connections for most Putnam County homes. Mayor Randy Porter said the state has $400 million allocated for local broadband grants. The county has some $15 million coming from the American Rescue Plan. “They’re going to be looking at projects specifically where a county would put some ... Read More »

McMinnville Provides WiFi Access To Community In Downtown Area

New public Wi-Fi installed in McMinnville’s downtown area. Community Planner Katie Kemezis said that it’s an amenity the town hopes will both attract more visitors to downtown, as well as service those in the community who need it. “So we also learned along the way that almost 30 percent of Warren Countians,” said Kemezis. “And another 10 percent only get ... Read More »

Clay Co. Senior Center Gains New Hardware For Computer Classes

The Clay County Senior Center has started computer and Internet use classes for its members. Director Sandra Wix said seniors are learning the basics, creating emails and social media to stay in touch. “Just because you’re older doesn’t mean you can’t learn,” Wix said. “That’s always been a myth, and I have never liked that myth, and right now, my ... Read More »

Growth in Cyberattacks Lead to Calls for Better Education

A growing awareness of cybersecurity threats should lead to better preparation, according to Tennessee Tech expert. Two major cyberattacks have shut down two major industries in the past three weeks. Assistant Director for Tennessee Tech’s Cybersecurity Education, Research and Outreach Department Eric Brown said the most important thing to understand when it comes to these threats is to know what ... Read More »

New Government Program Aids in Internet Cost

Starting Wednesday, May 12th, the federal government will subsidize up to $50 of internet cost for some households through the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program. Ben Lomand Connect Marketing and Public Relations Manager Bryan Kell said the program will aid families who qualify by providing more affordable costs for internet use. “I think any time you can receive help on any ... Read More »

Overton School System Strikes Internet Deal Increasing Bandwidth

Overton County Board of Education has agreed to a three-year extension with its current internet provider. Interim School Director Donnie Holman said usually, the school system enters a yearly agreement, but ENA offered to quadruple the bandwidth if a long term deal was signed. “So, we are going to be paying the same amount, but we did sign the contract ... Read More »

Funding For Cumberland Cove Broadband Internet Found

Faster Internet is on the way for residents of Cumberland Cove near Monterey. The state awarded Volunteer Energy Cooperative a special COVID grant to move the project forward this year. Marketing Vice President David Murphy said the installation of over 81 miles of fiber optic cable will provide internet to about 600 homes. “We could not be more thrilled,” Murphy ... Read More »