Saturday, July 20, 2024
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Clay Co. Senior Center Gains New Hardware For Computer Classes

The Clay County Senior Center has started computer and Internet use classes for its members.

Director Sandra Wix said seniors are learning the basics, creating emails and social media to stay in touch.

“Just because you’re older doesn’t mean you can’t learn,” Wix said. “That’s always been a myth, and I have never liked that myth, and right now, my seniors are proving for that myth to be wrong. They are learning, and they are enjoying greatly.”

Wix said the classes would not be possible without two Clay County High School students educating the seniors. Wix said the classes on Tuesday and Fridays are open to all senior center members.

“If they have loved ones that do not live close, they can learn how to use Facetime and see their family members,” Wix said. “They are able to get Facebook accounts and emails.”

Wix said the education possible through a $5,000 grant that purchased four laptops and two I-Pads. Wix said the added technology can also be used freely for telehealth and general use.

“We love to sign up new members to the center,” Wix said. “There is no fee for the senior center. You just have to be 60 years and older, and if you already know how to use a computer, they can use them for any business they need to conduct.”

Wix said seeing seniors struggle to communicate during the pandemic was part of the reason why the center wanted to offer the classes. Wix said so far, eight seniors have participated.