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Work Wrapping On Warren Middle Renovations

Work wrapping up this week on the renovations to Warren County Middle School, a project several years in the making. Warren County Director Of Schools Grant Swallows said the facility built in the 1950s had long been overdue for upgrades. Specifically, the system addressed the school’s entryway and added new administrative space. “The front of the building actually faces the ... Read More »

19 Percent Bump On ACT At Warren County High Based On Hard Work

Economically disadvantaged students at Warren County High School increased their ACT scores by 18.8 percent from last year. In 2022, only 8.7 percent of disadvantaged students met the ACT benchmark of 21. This year 27.5 percent of disadvantage students reached that goal. Director of Warren County Schools Grant Swallows said the school was focused on stressing the importance of the ... Read More »

Warren Schools Delay First Day After Storms Cause Outages, Some Damage

Warren County Schools had to delay the start of its new school year after Monday’s storms cause power outages and damages at some of its buildings. Director of Schools Grant Swallows said Centertown Elementary sustained the worst of the damages, with a pavilion on the playground collapsing and several HVAC units damaged by wind gusts. He said out of an ... Read More »

Warren Schools Increase Starting Pay By Almost $7K In New Budget

Starting pay for Warren County teachers projected to increase by some $7,000 in the new fiscal year budget. Director Grant Swallows said employee compensation was one of the main focuses during budget discussions. He said in addition to the base increase, the school board is also working to clean up the salary schedule. “Our salary schedules now had a step ... Read More »

Warren Schools Working On Classroom Upgrades

Warren County School System working on addressing classroom needs by adding more and upgrading current ones. Director of Schools Grant Swallows said the need comes with having older classrooms, as well as additional growth in the county. “We are really overcoming some neglected things and also trying to plan for the future,” Swallows said. “Centertown for instance is at their ... Read More »

Decision To Close Schools Is Complicated One For Directors

Upper Cumberland School Districts closed for inclement weather Friday, but without seeing too much snow or ice. The decision to close schools for inclement weather is one of the more complicated ones for School Directors. Warren County Schools Director Grant Swallows said the most challenging part is trying to work through all the moving parts, including predicted forecasts and the ... Read More »

Warren Schools Awarded Grant To Help Students Mental Health

Warren County Schools awarded a grant that will help address student mental health needs. Director of Schools Grant Swallows said the funding of around $148,000 will go towards implementing Care Solace. The program works to connect individuals seeking care for their mental health with the right providers. “If a student comes in in the morning worried about other things, whether ... Read More »

Warren Schools Performing Salary Study

Warren County Schools has begun the process of conducting a salary study for faculty and staff. Director of Schools Grant Swallows said through this process a team has been reviewing salaries from surrounding counties, including DeKalb, White and Putnam Counties. “We need to get that salary schedule updated and maybe a little more competitive with the people around us,” Swallows ... Read More »

Warren Schools Notify Parents Of Weapon Reported At Hickory Creek

Warren County law enforcement and school officials responded to a report of a weapon on campus at Hickory Creek Elementary School Monday. According to a press release, the report of a weapon was substantiated, but threats of danger were quickly dismissed by all parties. An investigation of the situation ensued and school continued as normal throughout the rest of the ... Read More »

Warren Schools Projects Making Headway

Several projects making headway in the Warren County School System. Director of Schools Grant Swallows said the system has tried to be strategic about how it uses its ESSER funds. He said one of the big projects it undertook was improvements at Warren County Middle School, including a roof replacement. “That building was built in the 1950s, its roof has ... Read More »