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Cookeville Public Works Hires New Signage Specialist To Help Citywide

The Cookeville Public Works Department had a new position focusing on the city’s street signs. Public Works Director Blake Mayo said the department hired Kirk Frisco once the new budget made the position available. Mayo said Frisco will be tasked with building and maintaining all of Cookeville and Putnam County’s street signs. “We also do all the graphics on all ... Read More »

Cane Creek Sportsplex Youth Fields Now Have Paved Parking

Travel in and out of the Cane Creek Sportsplex youth fields will be smoother with the parking lot now renovated. Leisure Service Director Rick Woods said the project has been needed for years now for both practical reasons and safety. Woods said the lot is now paved with lined spots and improved drainage to make parking more orderly and comfortable. ... Read More »

Cookeville Choses Bid For Dogwood Park Expansion Design Project

Cookeville City Council voted Thursday to begin the process of designing a new Dogwood Park entrance. Leisure Service Director Rick Woods said the expansion will give the park an entryway connecting it to Walnut Avenue. Woods said the department received three proposals, eventually choosing Kimley-Horn. Woods said the design phase would begin December 1. “That’s not to exceed $145,000,” Woods ... Read More »

Cookeville Crews Poised To Begin Phase Two Of Cedar Avenue Work

Cookeville City Manager James Mills said city crews hope to begin work on phase two of the Cedar Avenue renovations in the next week or so. Mills said the city completed phase one work earlier this year. The next phase will focus on the section from Broad Street to Second Street. It will include installing bike lanes, and removing on-street ... Read More »

Inflation Throws Wrench In East Spring Street Sidewalk Plans

Cookeville hopes to move forward with sidewalks on East Spring Street this Spring. The question is, how much sidewalk can they buy six years after getting the grant? City Manager James Mills said the estimated project cost has doubled since applying. “A new estimate we’ve got Greg is substantially more than what we originally budgeted for this,” Mills said. “What ... Read More »

Annual Trog Sinkhole Cleanup Postponed For Weather

Cookeville’s annual Trog Sinkhole cleanup has been postponed for impending rain. The cleanup has been moved from Saturday to March 27. Cookeville Public Works Stormwater Manager Blake Mayo said the rain could cause unsafe conditions due to high water in the sinkhole. This cleanup was to address litter and debris that collects in the Trog Sinkhole. Mayo said that anyone ... Read More »

Cookeville-Putnam Road Salt Supply Put To Use This Winter

Cookeville Public Works and The Putnam County Highway Department combined to use 150 tons of salt this past weekend. Cookeville Public Works Director Greg Brown says the department has probably used about 250 tons of salt this Winter. Brown said he tries to keep the department fully stocked because of all the variables with salting roads. “It’s always different, it ... Read More »

Cookeville Christmas Tree Disposal Options

Cookeville Residents have two options for getting rid of their Christmas tree, no matter how long they wait to put away holiday decorations. Public Works Director Greg Brown said residents can always take their tree to the West Jackson Street brush site or simply leave it by the street for for Cookeville’s brush trucks. However, Brown said there are still ... Read More »

New Railroad Crossing Signals Anticipated For Cedar Crossing

Nashville Eastern Railroad has not provided its total design for the railroad crossing at Cedar Avenue, but Cookeville Public Works Director Greg Brown anticipates it will be updated signal lights. Brown said the city’s part of the project will be increasing visibility of the crossing with new signs and street markings. However, that work will not begin until Nashville Eastern ... Read More »

Straightening Buffalo Valley Road Dependent On Project Scale

Cookeville Public Works will look at straightening Buffalo Valley Road when the Cane Creek Bridge design process gets the go-ahead. Public Works Director Greg Brown said he does not think a major relocation of the road is feasible but the department will try and shift the road as much as possible to improve safety. Brown said one of his concerns ... Read More »