Monday, November 23, 2020
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McMinnville Opens City Hall and Police Department in Downtown

McMinnville has opened its City Hall and Police Department all in one location on East Main Street. Mayor Ben Newman said nearly everything residents need will be available on the first floor and the outside teller window. Newman said with moving, the people using city hall, the police department and city court will benefit McMinnville’s downtown. “Hopefully they’ll do some ... Read More »

Warren County Adds New Airport Manager

The Warren County Memorial Airport has a new manager in John Baugh. Baugh said he wants to continue focusing on safety, services and maintaining a friendly atmosphere. Baugh said he also hopes to strengthen the assets the airport has to offer as an alternative to Nashville. “As we grow we want to grow our capabilities and our market share,” Baugh ... Read More »

McMinnville’s Magness Library Open to Public

McMinville’s Magness Library has reopened with the majority of services now available. Magness Library Director Brad Walker said the library board’s decision is based on Warren County Schools returning to in-person learning after Fall Break. Guests can now browse the books and use the computer lab, which Walker said is essential to his community. “Everybody thinks everybody has an iPhone ... Read More »

McMinnville Police Chief Retires After 9 Years

McMinnville Chief of Police Bryan Denton announced his retirement Tuesday night after nine years. Denton’s final day will be December 31st after spending 40 years in law enforcement. Denton said he hopes to leave the city with enough time to fill his position. “I wanted to make sure there was enough time to do that so we wouldn’t have to ... Read More »

This Week: Cumberland Considers Contract Amendment

Cumberland County Commissioners Monday will consider amending the contract between the state, Department of Mental Health, and the county. The contract provides payment for treatments ordered by the justice system for misdemeanor defendants. The Fentress County Commission will vote Monday to purchase 30 bullet proof vests for the sheriff’s department. The estimated price tag is $36,000. Putnam County’s Planning Committee ... Read More »

McMinnville Exploring Mural Permits

The City of McMinnville is considering implementing a no-fee mural permit. If passed, the mural permit would require property owners to provide the proposed mural’s details in a permit application. Community Planner Katie Kemezis said three new murals have appeared downtown in the past two years. She said another is in the works. “I think that our city is really ... Read More »

McMinnville Storm Drain Art Contest

The City of McMinnville sidewalks are going to be more colorful in the next few months. The Stormwater Department is holding an art contest. Two winning artists will paint over two storm drains to raise environment and pollution awareness. Stormwater Manager Lyndon Bussell said this is a great way to bring the community together and help focus on something other ... Read More »

McMinnville Opens Dog Park

The first dog park in the city of McMinnville opened Wednesday. McMinnville’s Director of Parks and Recreation Scott McCord said the park has been in the works for about two years. He said opening the park is a plus for the entire community. “One of our biggest problems in the past were we had dog owners that would use our ... Read More »

McMinnville Police Department Moving Downtown

The McMinnville Police Department is moving to City Hall’s third floor later this year. Police Chief Bryan Denton said this is a win-win for the department and the city. “We’ll be consolidating city services into kinda a one stop shop,” Denton said. “It’ll bring additional commerce downtown, and I think in a town our size, most folks like a police ... Read More »

McMinnville’s Town Hall Taking Over First Floor

The city of McMinnville will move its utility and business services to the first floor of city hall. Regions Bank departed the Main Street space. City Administrator Nolan Ming said the city is trying to create a single municipal building to meet all residents’ needs. “Everyone will be able to come in the front doors here right off of Main ... Read More »