Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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McMinnville PD’s Maggi Fann Named Officer Of The Year

McMinnville Police Officer Maggi Fann was named Officer of the Year by the Tennessee Highway Safety Office.

Fann said she received the award for her quick response and lifesaving actions during an overdose case. She said she was on her way to work when she noticed a man slumped over in his car.

“Come to find out he wasn’t breathing, he didn’t have a pulse, ” “So I had to pull him out of his car which was kind of hard because he was like 300 pounds and I’m only a hundred, so it was kind of hard to pull him out of the car but I was able to. Then I was able to administer NARCAN and CPR until the paramedics arrived, and he ended up living.”

Fann said she’s only been an officer for one year. She said that she decided to begin the process of joining the force after attending a Citizen’s Police Academy.

“And I just really fell in love with everything,” Fann said. “They taught us how clear buildings, they took us to the range, they took us to the 911 center, they did a lot with us. And that really sparked my interest, so I applied, and they called me back and I did some interviews, and I was hired in January 2020.”

Fann said that it’s her love for her community that keeps her going every day. She said that her biggest piece of advice for someone who might be considered law enforcement is to go for it.

“It’s so rewarding and so fulfilling to know that you help these different kinds of people, domestic violence victims, things like that,” Fann said. “It’s just such a good feeling that you can be a part of somebody’s life and help them.”

Fann said that while her Office of the Year award itself was a surprise and honor, it could have been any officer at the McMinnville Police Department. She said that she works with a fantastic group of other officers, lieutenants, and sergeants.