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Fast Food Chain Interested In Old Kentucky Commons; Wants Changes

Wendy’s is interested in a new Cookeville location at the Old Kentucky Commons Shopping Center, off 10th Street. The Cookeville Planning Department has accepted a request to study changes to the original Planned Commercial Development overview for the shopping center, and specifically, for the Wendy’s site. That plan was developed by the city and was approved by the City Council ... Read More »

27.5 Cent Property Tax Increase On Table For Putnam Budget

The Putnam County Budget Committee voted 6-1 Thursday to take the next step with a 27.5 cent property tax increase for county residents. The approved proposal includes fully funding a new pay scale plan for county employees and 91 new employees. Mayor Randy Porter and his team will bring more formal cost estimates to the next committee meeting Monday night. ... Read More »

Join the Darwin Dash on Memorial Day to preserve Cookeville’s Historic West End

Cookeville’s West End Connection will hold its first Darwin Dash on Memorial Day. The race will raise funds for West End preservation including the records and memories of the Darwin School, the only African American school during segregated education in Cookeville. West End Connection’s Lori Strode said it’s important to preserve Darwin’s history. “I feel like if we didn’t who ... Read More »

Council Wants Safeguards On Former Mayor Fireworks Spending

Several Cookeville City Council members want better accountability of the money provided for the Fourth Of July Fireworks. Better Cookeville, started by former Mayor Ricky Shelton, produces the fireworks show. City Manager James Mills said Better Cookeville has asked to increase funding to $20,000 in the new fiscal year. Council Member Eric Walker said the city requires financials of the ... Read More »

Cookeville City Manager Proposes Major Raises For Police, Fire

Cookeville City Manager James Mills proposed some $1.3 million in increased salaries for police officers and firefighters during the next budget year. Mills said the proposed budget includes a roughly $10,000 raise for all police officers in the lower grades, a $5,000 raise for firefighters, and a $9,800 raise for paramedics. “We’re talking about major improvements in pay for police,” ... Read More »

Cookeville Moves From Self-Insured Health Insurance

Cookeville City Council voted Thursday night to move from a self-insured health insurance plan to being insured by an outside vendor. The plan expected to save the city over $1 million on its next fiscal year spending. Finance Director Brenda Imel said rising medical costs as well as the increasing complexity of the system made the decision the right one. ... Read More »

Mills Receives Nearly Perfect Evaluation; Five Percent Raise.

Cookeville City Manager James Mills received a 4.9 out of 5 on his annual evaluation by city council members. City Attorney Dan Rader compiled the numbers based on council member evaluations in six different categories. “This is one of the highest, if not the highest, evaluations I’ve ever received for a public official,” Rader said. “So I think it would ... Read More »

Cookeville Public Works Preps For Winter Use Of Road De-Icing Salt

Cookeville’s Public Works Department is already prepping for winter storms by purchasing road de-icing salt. Director Greg Brown said that de-icing salt plays a key role in driving on icy roads. However, he said there can be a point where it becomes less effective. “The colder it is the less efficient the salt works,” Brown said. “So when it gets ... Read More »

Cookeville Water Department Seeks City Service To Water Intake Pumping Facility

Cookeville City Council will consider a negotiation of the purchase of facilities from Upper Cumberland Electric to serve the city’s Water Intake Pumping Facility. Water Quality Control Department Director Ronnie Kelly said that they would purchase a primary meter and a depreciated transformer feeding the intake from UCEMC. “In August there was a tree that fell across the electric line ... Read More »