Saturday, July 20, 2024
Happening Now

Cookie Or Edible art? Decide for Yourself at The French Cookie’s Grand Opening in Cookeville.

Kirsten Cooper was on bedrest in 2019 when she began watching online videos about macarons.

The love of macarons led to the opening of The French Cookie, a new Cookeville eatery, Saturday.

Cooper said that interest grew to actually making the French cookies.

Macarons are an egg white and almond meal based confection with a delicate crisp exterior and a nougat-like chew in the center. Cooper said it took great patience and much practice to develop her technique.

“That’s what I loved about them from the beginning is how much attention to detail you had to have with them to make something completely beautiful,” Cooper said. “I mean they are, I call them edible art. So, yes, they are difficult.”

Cooper said in in 2020 she gave birth to her first child. And she and her husband started their macaron business.

She said by 2021 they had moved into a new home with an industrial kitchen. Cooper said this is where they perfected the baking process and came up with the idea for their first store.

“And so we’d love for people to stay and enjoy the space. We’ve put a lot of time and effort into making the space somewhere that people want to spend their time.”

Cooper said the store has 18 seats split between a large banquet and a coffee table.

“People can stop by and stay,” Cooper said. “We’ll have hot tea, lemonde and French sodas.”

Cooper said  that of course the macarons are the center of everything.

“People love miniature things,” Cooper said. “And these are beautiful vibrant colors, so pleasing to the eye.”

The Grand Opening for the French Cookie is June 3 from 10am to 8pm, 125 W Broad in Cookeville.