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Monterey Depot Getting Fresh Paint Job

The Monterey Depot will be getting a new paint job. Cultural Administrator Rafferty Cleary said the goal is to have the building completed by the end of the summer. “We’re excited about this project,” Cleary said. “The building in the past 10 years has taken on a little bit of weathering and definitely needs to have a fresh coat on ... Read More »

Gainesboro Aldermen Gauging Interest On Trash Pickup

Trash pickup for Gainesboro residents could be a reality after the Board of Aldermen heard a proposal for trash services Thursday night. Chase Bishop of ALC Disposal said the company needs 75 customers to consider expanding to Gainesboro. Mayor Lloyd Williams said the town will send flyers gauging interest through this month’s utility billing. “The city we used to have ... Read More »

Sparta Rebids Chemical Supplies To Avoid Water Treatment Change

The Sparta Board of Aldermen voted Thursday to rebid two chemical supply contracts after the vendor did not honor its original price. City Administrator Brad Hennessee said the company indicated that availability and costs increased the unit price. “We went to the next lowest bidder and asked them if they would honor their bid and they said no,” Hennessee said. ... Read More »

Spencer Aldermen Respond To Comptroller, Approve Discussing Utility District Options

The Spencer Board of Aldermen approved exploring options with the Warren County Utility District on the city’s water system Thursday. The action was needed since the State Comptroller’s Office has mandated Spencer to consider alternatives on how it operates its water system. Engineer Nathaniel Green said with so many options to explore, the city needed to start conversations. “It can ... Read More »

Monterey Charter Places Vice-Mayor Mark Farley Into Mayor Role

Monterey Vice-Mayor Mark Farley has assumed the position of as mayor for the time being. “Mark Farley has stepped into the role,” Alderman Nathan Walker said. “He’s getting the business of the city done, so there’s no delays. Everything that needs to be done is certainly getting done. There is going to be a continuity of government happening so everybody ... Read More »

Monterey Mayor JJ Reels Will Not Run For Re-election

Monterey Mayor JJ Reels announced Wednesday that he will not run for re-election come August. Reels said he wants to step away from being a public servant and focus on his family life. “I just felt that I’ve accomplished a lot,” Reels said. “It was just time to step back. I’ve sacrificed a lot with my family over the years. ... Read More »

Monterey Approves Official Ward Lines With No Changes

Monterey has officially drawn its voting ward lines after the Putnam County Election Office indicated it did not have record of the boundaries. Mayor JJ Reels said the matter was brought to his attention by Election Administrator Michele Honeycutt. “Just like Michele said the other night, this started with Brandon Smith because they don’t have anything at E-911 that separates ... Read More »

Monterey Aldermen Approve Local Bank Search For Wastewater Plant

Monterey will be gauging interest from local banks for loans to fund its new wastewater treatment plant. The Board of Aldermen approved the next step in the project Monday. Certified Municipal Finance Officer Ella Dishman said the town needs a line of credit of $6 million over a two-year term length. “At the end of two years, then we would ... Read More »

Celina Employees Granted An Extra Holiday Day

Celina city employees will receive an extra day off this holiday from the Board of Aldermen. Mayor Luke Collins said the time off will serve as a floating day. Collins said department heads will work with employees to stagger the schedule. “That way the day to day operation of the city continues, but the employee still gets rewarded with a ... Read More »

Livingston Aldermen Approve One-Time Bonus For Employees

Livingston city employees who worked during the pandemic will receive a $700 one-time bonus. The Board of Aldermen approved the $56,000 expenditure. Mayor Curtis Hayes said the checks will come out as quickly as possible. “They’ve all had face to face contact with the general public in this pandemic, and so, it’s very deserving,” Hayes said. “We got a little ... Read More »