Saturday, June 12, 2021
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Steak Cookoff Association Qualifying Competition Coming To Algood

The Steak Cookoff Association is coming to Algood August 7th to host a qualifying steak showdown.

Event Sponsor and Algood BBQ and Catering Owner Milt Collins is bringing the event to town. Collins said after hosting a cook off in Georgia, he wanted to introduce the competition to his home.

“Algood has got a big beautiful baseball facility and that is where the contest is going to be held,” Collins said. “The judging will be held inside the community center. Air conditioned and well lit, so the judges will be comfortable. It is just a real real good opportunity for the city of Algood.”

Collins said competitors are judged on five categories by representatives of the association. The winner receives a “Golden Ticket” to participate in the World Championship event in Texas next year.

“They cut the steak right across the center,” Collins said. “The judges want the doneness to be a perfect medium, a good, warm, pink center. No blood and not overcooked. They judge you on the appearance of the steak, how it looks, the grill marks on it, any scorch marks. They look for the detail. And then, they take their samples and they judge you for taste and texture.”

Collins said the interesting part about Algood’s competition is that competitors get two steaks to cook. Collins said for each round, competitors draw a chip which determines the order grillers select their rib eye cut.

“Promoters of the contest provide the steaks that you cook,” Collins said. “You don’t bring your own meats to these things. When you pay your entry fees, it includes the costs of your steaks. Everybody uses their own seasons. You can use any heat source.”

The proceeds after expenses and cash prizes for the top 10 winners will go to the ALS Foundation. Collins said after losing his brother-in-law to the disease, he wanted to give back to the cause.

“I cooked BBQ for 18 years and probably 15 years of that, every time I needed him or did anything he was my cooking buddy. My cooking partner,” Collins said. “Mike was my best friend, and we just want to do what we can to help the ALS Foundation, because they were so good with helping his family.”

Besides steak, there is also a sausage cooking contest and a kids pork chop competition. Collins said the event will run from 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and participants can register at