Wednesday, May 25, 2022
Happening Now

State Grant Opportunity Could Bring New Health Dept To White Co

The State Health Department has approached White County with a grant opportunity that could bring the community a new health department.

County Executive Denny Wayne Robinson said the state evaluated the current department. Robinson said the county met the criteria for a grant up to $5 million.

“They went around and just determined what the state of the health department is,” Robinson said. “I can tell you when I was kid going to school that’s where I went to get my shots. So our health department is old and in definite need of a new update.”

Robinson said with the commission approving the grant  application, the county waits for the contract from the state. Robinson said the money used on the project comes from the American Rescue Plan.

“I’m pretty sure it is COVID money,” Robinson said. “There will be a match with this, and I’m anticipating they will want COVID money used as our match which is a great opportunity for White County.”