Saturday, July 20, 2024
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Rodgers: Putnam Salaries Across The Board Compared To Other Public, Private Employers

Putnam County’s recently conducted salary study revealed that the county is generally behind on paying county employees for many positions.

That’s according to Commission Budget Chair Ben Rodgers. He said the report compared the county to similar-sized counties and to jobs in the private sector. Rodgers said while both are issues, he is more concerned with how the county shapes up to other counties than the private sector.

“It seems like government jobs are more stable than maybe private jobs even though we have a lot of openings in Putnam County right now,” Rodgers said. “But I think it’s easier for a paramedic or a sheriff’s deputy or even an employee in a fee office to drive 20, 25 minutes away for a similar job that’s maybe less work.”

Rodgers said considering everything the commission has going on request-wise, it might be reasonable to put aside changing the whole pay scale this year. However, he said he does believe the commission should do something when it comes to employee pay such as a step raise or a one-time raise.

Rodgers said laying the groundwork this year could help when the county is ready to fully address the pay scale. He said while the county’s salaries and wages compare across the board, they are mostly low when it comes to starting pay even after recent raises.

“Then when you get to the median it almost evens out a little bit compared to these other cities counties and private,” Rodgers said. “But then on the back end, it’s kind of where it gets lower too. So the middle of your career you’re comparable, but then at the start or the end of your career it’s not, so it needs to be better.”

Rodgers said he is glad County Mayor Randy Porter had the study conducted so commissioners know exactly where the county stacks up compared to other employers.