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Van Buren Approves Finalized Budget For 2022-2023 Fiscal Year

Van Buren County approved its finalized budget for the 2022-2023 fiscal year Tuesday night. County Mayor Greg Wilson said the budget features several capital projects and purchases funded by American Rescue Plan money, including a new ambulance for $260,000. “There’s the landfill, construction on getting it fixed,” Wilson said. “It’s a monitored project for 30 years. We had a leak ... Read More »

Cumberland Budget Includes Property Tax Decrease And Raises

The Cumberland County Commission approved its new fiscal year budget with a lower property tax Tuesday. Cumberland County Mayor Allen Foster said it was reduced from $1.5653 to $1.1350. Foster said the increase of property values allowed the change to happen without losing revenue. “It’s hours and hours of work,” Foster said. “The commissioners generally go through every single line ... Read More »

Van Buren Committee Approves Budget, Commission To Consider

The Van Buren County Commission will consider a budget that does not include employee raises. The county’s Committee A which serves as the budget committee approved the spending plan. Mayor Greg Wilson proposed an eight percent raise, but it did not pass. “It was the reoccurring costs, but you also have to figure in the inflation costs,” Wilson said. “If ... Read More »

Putnam Commissioners Include Wage Study In Newest Budget

Putnam County will conduct a comprehensive wage study this fiscal year after a last minute amendment to its budget made Monday night. A one-time up to $50,000 allotment was approved by the county commission. Commissioner Jonathan Williams proposed the amendment saying the county needs to stay ahead. “I think it would be wise for this body to spend the money ... Read More »

Putnam County Budget Passes Full Commission

The Putnam County Budget passed Monday night receiving little opposition from commissioners. Commissioner Ben Rodgers outlined each fund before voting. The spending plan maintains the current tax rate and includes over 10 new positions. A $5,000 raise for emergency workers and $3,000 for the others also moves forward. After commissioners voted for each individual budget, Commissioner Theresa Tayes expressed her ... Read More »

Jackson Schools Budget Sees Biggest Teacher Salary Increase In 20 Years

Jackson County School Board approved its budget Thursday night with some of the largest teacher salary increases in 20 years. Director of Schools Kristy Brown said that increase amounts to about $2,000 a year for certified personnel. “We want to do all that we can to recruit teachers and retain the ones we have,” Brown said. “My hope is that ... Read More »

Clay Schools Could See Budget Increases With New Tax Rate

This week’s tax rate decision by the Clay County Budget Committee could mean more money for the school system. School Board Chair Benji Bailey told the School Board Thursday night the committee made the decision taking into account the reappraised rate as recommended by the state. “As a result of the state assessment what they could have chosen would have ... Read More »

Cookeville Budgets $15K For Downtown Beautification

Cookeville City Council has allocated some $15,000 in its new budget towards downtown beautification. City Manager James Mills said how those funds are spent is yet to be determined. He said that it could be used for anything from plantings to a mural. “Of course our downtown is a major economic hub for the city and it draws a lot ... Read More »

Jackson Beginning County Budget Process

Jackson County starting the process for its new fiscal year budget. County Mayor Randy Heady said one of the main things to affect this year’s budget is inflation and the increase in the cost of living. “Fuel prices across the county whether it be in solid waste, or sheriff’s department, or even in EMS, they are taking a huge hit ... Read More »

Putnam Schools Will Make Up Budget Deficit With Reserves

The Putnam County School System’s budget deficit down to $897, 395 as the School Board approved its third budget draft Thursday night. Director of Schools Corby King said the newest draft reflects the county’s budget committee’s decision to cover some $820,000 in school bus expenditures for the coming year. “(Chief Financial Office) Mark (McReynolds) feels pretty confident that we can ... Read More »