Friday, October 7, 2022
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Sparta Projecting A $5.6 Million Budget For Next Year

Sparta’s proposed budget will be about $200,000 more than last year. The Board of Aldermen got its first glimpse of the $5.6 million 21-22 fiscal year budget Tuesday during a work session. Mayor Jeff Young said the budget is a conservative one but the funds are there for some needed additions in the city. “You always wish you had more ... Read More »

Rep. Weaver Pleased With Session But Wants Teacher Shortages Addressed

Representative Terri Lynn Weaver said she wants to bring back a state bill next General Assembly to address teacher shortages. Weaver said she is pleased with the education funding, but she wanted to make it easier for teachers to add other subject areas to an existing license. “Just to take a lot of the bumps in the road of getting ... Read More »

Algood Budget Passed With Emphasis On New Park, Capital Projects

Algood has approved its 2021-2022, with an emphasis on parks and recreation development. City Administrator Keith Morrison said roughly $4.37 million will be spent with an expected revenue of $3.3 million. Morrison said this is not the type of budget he likes for the city but was necessary to get phase one of the new park off the ground. “There’s ... Read More »

Celina Aldermen Table First Reading Of Budget And Property Tax Increase

The Celina Board of Aldermen tabled its first reading of the city’s budget that includes a property tax increase Tuesday. Alderman Bruce Rhoton said after hearing recommendations from the city attorney, the board decided to seek some clarity about the six cent increase before voting. “We need a better understanding of what the ratio and the state recommendation is,” Rhoton ... Read More »

Budgeting Money for Entranceways Would Improve City

Cookeville City Council Member Eric Walker wants money in the new budget under consideration set aside for Cookeville’s entranceways. Walker said TDOT is allowing cities to have a bigger role in improving entranceways to make them more appealing to both visitors and residents. “So when you enter the city of Cookeville, you know where you’re at and it’s more than ... Read More »

Pickett County BOE Passes Budget With Raises For All Staff

The Pickett County Board of Education approved next fiscal year’s school budget Monday. Director of Schools Diane Elder said the budget process was a difficult one. Elder said April’s projections came in late which created a time crunch with the county. “That put us a little bit behind,” Elder said. “And with our county commission, the budget committee requesting our ... Read More »

Cookeville Planning Work on Two Pump Stations

The city of Cookeville is planning work on two pump stations, leading with the station in DeBerry Heights. Cookeville Water and Sewer Director Ronnie Kelly said the plan comes with a desire to accommodate a growing Cookeville. “There’s another pump station–another sewage basin pumps into it, and the station is getting close to capacity now,” Kelly said. “Cookeville is growing, ... Read More »

Budget Deficit Workable In Putnam Schools’ First Draft

All Putnam County School staff would receive a four percent raise under the system budget’s first draft approved Thursday night. The raise totals some $2.422 million, some of which will be paid for through the legislature’s appropriation. With property tax rates yet to be set because of reappraisals, the school system currently faces a $2.6 million budget deficit. “Often at ... Read More »

Cookeville Regional Budget Raises Questions of Authority

Cookeville Regional’s budget presentation to the Cookeville City Council Wednesday turned into another discussion of how much the council controls the medical center. Council Member Eric Walker said he feels a responsibility when he approves the city budget. When it comes to CRMC, Walker said he wondered if the council or the board of trustees had the authority. “It’s a ... Read More »