Wednesday, June 16, 2021
Happening Now

Registration for Cookeville’s First Pickleball League Now Open

Pickleball players looking to brush up on their skills and have some healthy competition are invited to register for the first-ever pickleball league at the Cane Creek SportsPlex.

SportsPlex Athletic Coordinator Tyler Johnson said community members now get the chance to try the sport that has grown wildly popular in recent years. A combination of tennis and table tennis, Johnson said its a way to get good cardio at a lower impact.

“This is the first summer we’ve had a pickleball league or any sort of pickleball league in general–we just had our first clinic this year, and it was a huge success, and we’re looking to expand our pickleball affiliation even further,” Johnson said. “There’s a need for it and we’re trying to provide it.”

Johnson said the way the league is designed allows athletes of all ages to play against one another, regardless of skill level.

“It provides an access for newer players because the people that normally go to our gym, and the ones who I believe will end up playing in the league, are the ones that help others because for them it isn’t just about a competitive standpoint, it’s about being able to have a way to play during summer camp.”

Johnson said the league provides an opportunity for people to play, be active, and have fun with pickleball without potentially getting interrupted by campers. Players in the league also have the opportunity to win a prize.

“The top three will win gymnasium 35/30 passes so as soon as camps are done, they go in and they have the 35/30 pass and they’re getting free entry for that 35/30 pass for 35 visits,” Johnson said.

Interested players can register now until May 28th for $10. For more information, call Cane Creek Recreation Center.