Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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Putnam School Director Says State Report Card Is An Unfair Representation

Putnam County Director of Schools Corby King said the district ranking satisfactory on the state’s report card on schools is misleading.

Satisfactory is the third lowest ranking out of four. King said he believes the achievement portion of the report card does not accurately portray students that are just a few questions away from meeting expectations.

“It’s an unfair representation to say school’s are failing when majority of our people are falling in that good average category that are going to be good, successful, productive members of the community and that is our overall goal in public education,” King said. “The way we report to me is disappointing sometimes.”

King said while the report card held bright spots, students still have room to grow. King said he expects improvements as the school system focuses on aligning curriculum with state standards.

“It frustrates those of us in public education, because people look at that one factor and say these students are failing, these schools are failing… That is just not accurate,” King said. “Our students that are in that approaching category the overwhelming majority are on par. These are students that are going to score 18,19 or 20 on the ACT. They are going to be able to go to college, TCAT or the workforce.”

According to the report card that measures the 2021-2022 school year, achievement was below average for elementary and middle school grade levels. High School students are slightly above average.

The report card also incorporates graduation rates and absenteeism. Putnam Schools scored a 1.5 out of four in students missing 10 or more days. King said he credits the time out of class to lingering COVID protocols.

“But yet, the state uses that as an accountable measure for us even though it is out of our control trying to get the parents to send students to school,” King said. “Graduation rates often the same thing.”

King said graduation rates did increase in this report card.