Friday, August 23, 2019
Happening Now

Putnam Inmates Remove Tons Of Trash From State Roadways

Inmates have played a major part in helping keep Putnam County beautiful.

Sheriff Eddie Farris said inmate work crews picked up 67 tons of trash and removed 24 tons of tires from state highways last year.

“That is a very valuable tool for us here in this county and we certainly want to represent well and make this county very clean and presentable,” Farris said. “It’s not only for our citizens but for the people who may be visiting here as well.”

The program receives funding from the Tennessee Department of Transportation trash collection grant. Farris said the Putnam County Commission voted to re-apply for the non-matching grant Monday night.

“The grant money is a full-fledged grant for the county,” Farris said. “It’s paying for an employee, a work van, and all the trash bags and necessities that we need for the program.”

Farris said a second work crew has the responsibility of picking up trash from county roadways.

The $59,200 grant also provides funding for educational programs about littering and recycling.