Wednesday, December 1, 2021
Happening Now

Putnam Gainesboro Grade Fire Station Making Progress

The Putnam County Fire Department has received the land deed from Tennessee Tech to begin work on the new Gainesboro Grade substation.

Fire Chief Tom Brown said preliminary work has already began on-site.

“We got the site staked out, acquiring permits and utility connections and what not,” Brown said. “We are waiting for the builder to show up. When we talked to him about three weeks ago, he was about three months out.”

Brown said building materials are on the way for the unmanned station. Brown said the station on the corner of the Hyder farm will house one fire truck and answer coverage needs for the northwestern part of the county.

“The intent was to get a class A truck in that area to help with the ISO rating and insurance rates,” Brown said.

Tennessee Tech’s Board of Trustees agreed to sell the county the 0.5 acres in May of 2020. The revenue from the purchase went to scholarships as outlined in the 1996 gift of W. Claude Hyder and his wife.