Friday, October 7, 2022
Happening Now

Putnam Co. Residence Losses Garage And Vehicle In Fire

A Putnam County residence has lost a garage and vehicle during a Tuesday night fire on Calfkiller Highway.

Putnam County Fire Chief Tom Brown said crews responded at around 8:30 p.m. Initial evidence suggests a wood stove was the cause, Brown said.

“The building was a total loss,” Brown said. “The vehicle parked outside next to the building will ultimately, probably be a total loss also.”

Brown said the home itself was safe with the burning building not in its proximity. The location was about three miles south off Highway 70 near Monterey, Brown said.

“The only information I had last night was that they had a wood stove in the building,” Brown said, “And they had stoked the fire up sometime prior to discovering the fire.”

Brown said with wood stoves, remember to clean out your chimneys and keep combustibles away from the heat source.