Wednesday, December 1, 2021
Happening Now

Putnam Co. Commissioner Resigns

District 2 Putnam County Commissioner Scott Stevens has resigned his seat.

Stevens resignation part of a plea agreement reached in court Tuesday. A grand jury indicted Stevens in 2015 for theft and possession of a prohibited weapon. Tuesday he pleaded guilty to those charges.

The judge granted the former county commissioner judicial diversion and ordered him to serve four years of supervised probation.

Meantime, Putnam County Executive Randy porter said the county is familiar with the process of filling a vacant county commission seat. Porter said this marks the second time this year that a county commissioner has resigned.

“The County Commission has to appoint someone within 120-days if it’s between elections,” Porter said. “We got our next election in August of 2018, so they will be appointing someone to fill that position until then.”

Porter said he hopes to have someone appointed to the District 2 County Commission seat by the September meeting.

Earlier this year Daryl Blair resigned from his seat to focus on being the Cookeville Fire Chief. Jimmy Neal was selected to fill Blair’s remaining term.