Monday, October 2, 2023
Happening Now

Pumper To Move Into Gainesboro Grade Fire Station Next Month

The Putnam County fire station on Gainesboro Grade will start serving the area next month.

Fire Chief Tom Brown said exterior work of the unmanned station now complete so a vehicle can move into the bay.

“That area Huntington Wood, Castlebrook, Brookwood are all currently an ISO 10, which is the same as no fire protection,” Brown said. “Not to say they don’t have fire protection. They just don’t have an accredited station within five road miles.”

Brown said the department will place a pumper and reserve tanker in the facility. Brown said the department will work to get the station insurance accredited soon after. Brown said home owners should receive “substantial” insurance savings once completed.

“That will take it to a 6X which is the old 9 on the ISO scale,” Brown said. “If there is a fire hydrant 1,000 feet from an address, it would make that address a six. It’s going to be a great improvement to that area.”

Brown said as for the interior work, an office and bathroom still needs to be constructed. Brown said that work should finish in the summer of next year.