Monday, April 6, 2020
Happening Now

Pine Haven School Access Project To Start This Spring

A project to construct a new entrance for Pine Haven Elementary will likely begin this spring.

Jamestown Mayor Lyndon Baines said the state has approved a permit for the work.

“That project should be starting by the end of march, if the weather cooperates,” Baines said. “It shouldn’t take that long to do. The county and the city is working together on that. We had a meeting with the state and everything is going right along schedule with that.”

Baines said the new road will create a better student pick up and drop off location at Pine Haven. He said the current pickup and drop off zone backs up traffic all the way to York Institute.

“It’s a good project that we need to be doing and the main reason if for the safety of the kids at Pine Haven,” Baines said. “Someone is going to get hurt eventually with all the traffic we have at the school. Pine Haven is one of the biggest schools that we have in the county.”

Bain has previously said that the project will take less than a month to complete.