Monday, September 25, 2023
Happening Now

Pickett Commission To Consider Agreement For Equipment Storage Building

Pickett County Commissioners will consider an agreement between the county and its Soil and Water Conservation District.

Pickett County Executive Stephen Bilbrey said the district has equipment that farmers can rent to use on their farms. He said that equipment is currently being stored at the Highway Department.

“The Soil and Conservation has received a grant to erect a building to keep this equipment under to keep it out of the weather so much,” Bilbrey said. “So in order to erect this building on county property, of course, the county commission has to agree to allow that to be done.”

Bilbrey said the county commission will work through the lease agreement and make any necessary changes. He said they will consider approving the agreement at its next county commission meeting.

“We had received the agreement Monday afternoon just before the meeting,” Bilbrey said. “So the commission decided to put it off until the next meeting so they can give it a good look over.”

Bilbrey said he believes this will be a great project for the county. He said everything works best when the agencies in the community work together, and he looks forward to continuing to do so.