Saturday, May 15, 2021
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Pickett Co. Votes Against Property Purchase For Extra Office Space

The Pickett County Commission voted against purchasing a downtown property for extra office space.

Members of the commission voted 10-2 against the $90,000 purchase Monday. Commissioner Tony Beaty said he voted no, because the age of the office building was a concern.

“With the courthouse built in ’35 that building there was built in ’28,” Beaty said. “I don’t know why we are going backwards instead of going forwards. It may be a good building. It may be a good lot. I don’t know, but why would we want to buy something older than we already have.”

According to County Executive Carey Garner, the property at 4 Courthouse Square in Byrdstown includes almost entire block on the square and an office building. Commissioner Larry Beaty also voted no and said he would rather see the money be used to upgrade the current offices.

“I think we ought to modernize the courthouse and put stuff in it if we are going to spend all that money,” Beaty said. “We can bring it up to date and everything. We are going to have to do some work on it anyways.”

The two yes votes were made by Commissioners Joe Harden and James Richardson.