Thursday, September 24, 2020
Happening Now

Overton County Applying For Traffic Signal Grant

Overton County will apply for a new TDOT grant to update three traffic signals.

County Executive Ben Danner said the funding would address two lights on Highway 84 and one at Hilham.

“It’s pretty costly to maintain every red light. But we’re pretty lucky because the city has a lot of red lights and we’ve only got those three,” Danner said. “The upkeep and maintenance is still a lot to keep those going. I hope we get that grant through TDOT so we can redo everything new in all of our red lights.”

Danner said the traffic signal modernization grant would provide the county with up to $250,000.

“When TDOT puts in a traffic signal out in the county, they turn the traffic signal over to the county and it’s our responsibility,” Danner said. “We’ve got three now and some of these traffic signals are old. They’ve (TDOT) come up with some grants to put LED lights in and help redo everything.”

Danner said the county has lost money over the years because of repairs to the Hilham light, which frequently gets torn down because of oversized trucks.