Sunday, July 21, 2024
Happening Now

Monterey Considering Moving Forward With T-DOT Grant Opportunity

Monterey potentially exploring the next steps of a T-DOT grant opportunity that would expand the rail trail.

Cultural Administrator Rafferty Cleary said the $678,000 grant would extend the trail 1,000 linear feet from Oak Street to Woodcliff.

“And it would also address the sidewalks that run along the side of Whitaker Park,” Cleary said. “And in the same location, it would incorporate some flashing crossing walk signals to get folks safely to the community center.”

Cleary said it would also take a new sidewalk down Crossville Street to the public housing units. He said the funding would go a long way toward meeting connectivity objectives in the town of Monterey

Cleary said the scope of work in Phase I calls for creating a loop on the existing rail trail, which would be a new benefit. The Board of Aldermen decided to put taking the next steps with the process to the finance committee, as it would require a 20 percent match from the city.

“I think in light of the situation here in town with the things being the way they are,” Project Manager Jerry Warren said. “That it’s not unreasonable that Silas said he could talk to T-DOT and get us a few more days.”