Tuesday, June 25, 2019
Happening Now

Livingston to Restrict Heavy Truck Traffic

The City of Livingston will begin restricting heavy truck traffic on a section of Highway 42.

Livingston will limit heavy truck traffic on Highway 42.

Mayor Curtis Hayes said the city had received a series of complaints regarding the traffic.

“So there have been complaints about truck traffic late at night in a residential area,” Hayes said. “So hopefully this will slow down heavy trucks coming in the wee hours of the morning and after bedtime so to speak.”

The Board of Aldermen and Mayor passed an ordinance that limits heavy truck traffic on a section of highway near the Highway 111 intersection during the January meeting.

The ordinance keeps heavy trucks from passing through the area from 8 p.m to 5 a.m.

The regulated section of the highway ends at the next red light.

The ordinance does note exceptions to the rule, including emergency and utility work vehicles.