Monday, June 17, 2024
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Cumberland Man’s Sentencing Appeal Denied

The State Court of Appeals denied a Cumberland County man’s motion that his consecutive sentences for murder were inappropriate.

Alexander Ruben Carino pled guilty to two counts of second degree murder in 2010. As part of the plea agreement, Carino agreed to serve a 21.5 year sentence for each count. They would be served consecutively for a total of 43 years.

Carino filed in 2023 asking the court to throw out the sentences, arguing they were illegal. He said the court must make findings supporting consecutive sentences and a party cannot agree to them. He said he also did not receive effective counsel.

The Appeals Court denied the request.

“We hold that the Defendant’s consecutive sentences imposed pursuant to a plea agreement are not illegal simply because the trial court did not make findings necessary to impose the sentences,” Judge Tom Greenholtz wrote.