Monday, June 27, 2022
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Livingston Mayor, Aldermen Discuss Potential Liquor Stores

A potential ordinance in Livingston allowing the creation of liquor stores within city limits could go into effect as early as October 1.

Tennessee Alcohol Beverage Commission Counselor Josh Stepp said the city must issue a certificate of compliance to applicants who meet the city’s set specifications.

“We will not proceed with any application for a retail package store without the certificate of compliance from you first,” Stepp said. “That is how the city sort of establishes some control over the process and over the retail package stores.”

Livingston’s Mayor and Board of Aldermen met with Stepp Tuesday during a special public work session to discuss requirements by the city and state regarding the creation of retail package stores.

Stepp said the number of liquor stores allowed within the city is a decision for the Aldermen and Mayor to make.

“You can definitely establish it by ordinance what ever you all would like,” Stepp said. “Or, you could put no limit. Or some put it by population. There’s a number of different ways you can set that, but all that would be specified by your ordinance.”

Stepp said by state law, a potential liquor store applicant cannot own more than 50 percent of stores within the city, and can own a maximum of two stores.

“Let’s say for example you put it at three or less than three,” Stepp said. “If you set the limit at three… they can only have one package store. They can then have another store in another city someplace else, but here in Livingston, you could only have one.”

Mayor Curtis Hayes and the Aldermen will meet Sept. 4 at 5:15 p.m. for a second work session to discuss creating an ordinance in time for September’s meeting. Once created, Hayes said the ordinance would need approved on second reading during the October 1 meeting, with applications being accepted immediately after.