Wednesday, October 5, 2022
Happening Now

Jackson Co. Schools Wants Raise Awareness For AP Access For ALL Program

Jackson County Schools working to get more students involved in a state program that covers the costs of AP courses and testing.

AP Access for ALL provides students across the state with access to 17 different virtual Advanced Placement courses, eliminating financial barriers and supporting student enrollment in AP coursework. The state program provided AP classes access to 42 schools statewide that did not have access previously.

Jackson County Supervisor of Secondary Instruction Deb Whitaker said this is the second year students can participate. She said the program has several benefits, including its flexibility and the opportunity for all high school students to take AP courses.

“If they take an AP class both semesters their freshman and sophomore year that’s four college classes they’ve gotten out of the way and then your dual enrollment grant takes care of five classes, that’s nine college classes our students can have free of charge,” Whitaker said. “You know you’ve got basically your first year of college free.”

Whitaker said she believes AP courses will help not only with getting into college, but return to college after freshman. She said that the AP program helps students better prep themselves for the rigor of college courses. In addition, going into college with AP credit can help get general education courses out of the way so students can focus on courses they want to take for their majors.

Whitaker said just five students took AP classes last year. She said because more people are familiar with dual enrollment courses, the school system hopes more students will eventually take advantage of AP courses as well.