Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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Girl Scouts to Begin Cookie Season February
Girl Scouts will begin booth sales in February. (Photo: Girl Scouts Website)

Girl Scouts to Begin Cookie Season February

Those looking to satisfy their craving for Girl Scout Cookies will not have to wait much longer.

Middle Tennessee Council Communication Specialist Amelia Lee said Cookie booth sales begin in February.

“Starting on February 3rd, there is actually a cookie finder app you can download for any iPhones or Android phones. And you can put in your zip code and find out where the closest cookie sales are going on,” Lee said. “And you can also go online and put in your zip code and find out where any of our cookie booth sales are going on.”

Girl Scouts will begin booth sales in February. (Photo: Girl Scouts Website)

Lee said the cookie sales help the Girl Scouts participate while also giving back to the community.

“It can help them provide the opportunity to go to camp and do our programming, especially our outdoor programming or any of our esteem programming that we have,” Lee said. “It can help provide the opportunity to also help the community. Most of the time, girls do use some of their cookie money to give back, whether it is helping the local animal shelter or donating to a local food bank.”

Lee said the scouts will offer all the traditional cookies again this year.

“We are still selling the traditional cookies for $3.50 a box and then we have specialty cookies of the S’mores and Toffee-tastic for $5 a box. Our baker does not have the new cookie. There are two bakers for Girl Scouts in the United States and we use Little Brownie Baker and they do not have that new cookie.”

Lee said the region hopes to see an increase in sales this year.

“We see great success. We continued for the past three years to be one of those few councils to increase our sales every year. Since we have the lowest cookie cost in the country,” Lee said. “It is easy for us to continue to have great sales throughout the community and we are lucky with the community support of the Girl Scouts where the girls can still thrive.”

Lee said she is excited to see what the Scouts accomplish once the season closes.

“It helps them with their business and confidence. After we always see such an increase in both of those and their drive after the cookie season,” Lee said. “So we are just excited for them to grow their own cookie business.”

To find cookies near you, visit the Girl Scouts website. Cookie sales close on March 3rd.