Saturday, October 24, 2020
Happening Now

Gainesboro Port Authority Wants Army Corps of Engineer Meeting

The Gainesboro Port Authority is looking to meet with the Army Corps of Engineers this month to get them to sign off on a use beyond industrial.

The Port Authority asked interested investors in July to submit long range plans so they can get approved for tourism use. Gainesboro Port Authority Commissioner Eddie Lane expected investor Truman Sterns to be in attendance so things can get moving on the port.

“Well I was hoping Truman would be here tonight, see what else he had,” Lane said. “He don’t have anymore information I’d say, I’d like to know who his investors are and if it’s really on the up and up.”

Despite not hearing anything back from Sterns or Hugh Cameron, Chairman Tony Hunter said the goal is to allow the port to be a possible tourism venture. Industrial use is not out of the question for the port. However, Commissioner Lane said some of the industry in the area is drying up.

“Bad thing about timber is all these logging companies are closing down,” Lane said. “Right now timber is doing nothing.”

With limited options for industrial use, and limited information from tourism investors, Chairman Hunter said he wants the Gainesboro Port to have options from the Army Corps of Engineers.

“What will they allow us to do if we cannot do the industrial part, Hunter said. “They’re strict about everything.”

Currently the deed to the port only allows for industrial use. Chairman Hunter said he hopes to meet with the Army Corps of Engineers within a month, or as soon as possible.