Sunday, May 24, 2020
Happening Now

Dekalb TWRA Offers Wildlife Seed to Citizens

The Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency (TWRA) and Soil Conservation Office are offering free wildlife seed to Dekalb County citizens.

TWRA Wildlife Officer Tony Cross said the agencies have provided the seed for at least 12 years to sustain area wildlife.

“Both [agencies] have split the cost of furnishing some seed to benefit our farmers,” Cross said, “and enhance the local wildlife, both non-game and the game species.”

Dekalb County citizens can pick-up two free bags of wildlife seed at the Soil Conservation Office. Cross said the 10-pound bags can plant a quarter acre of food plots.

“It has varied a little bit from year to year depending on the cost of the seed and things but folks at the Dekalb County co-op will get us a mixture up,” Cross said. “This year it actually consists of buckwheat, millet, black oil sunflowers, and soybeans.”

Cross said a large number of farmers will use the seed on their land.

“Some of the folks hunt and some of them don’t,” Cross said. “It actually benefits pretty much a wide variety of different wildlife, from deer to turkey to rabbits to songbirds a lot of different songbirds and nongame species as well.”

The Soil Conservation Office will give away bags of seed while supplies last.