Saturday, December 2, 2023
Happening Now

DeKalb Soon To Officially Incorporate Into Upper Cumberland Habitat For Humanity

Upper Cumberland Habitat for Humanity taking the final steps to officially incorporate the DeKalb County chapter into the regional organization.

Board President said DeKalb County had a strong presence and was doing good work in the area, but struggled with some administrative components.

“They found themselves in a position that they weren’t able to take as much of an advantage of grant opportunities and things like that,” Carlile said. “So they approached us to say we know you guys incorporated Overton County with Putnam County Habitat into Upper Cumberland Habitat, could we look to combine with you guys as well?”

Carlile said there have been steps taken with the state to make sure all the documentation is correct to make the incorporation official. He said he expects that within the next 60 to 90 days, depending on the speed the state moves.

Carlile said in the meantime, UC Habitat staff has already begun working with DeKalb County to get started on grant opportunities and other resources.

“That chapter has really worked to do all the due diligence to make sure everything was in line, to be able to pull DeKalb County into the Upper Cumberland Habitat for Humanity,” Carlile said. “So now it is three counties instead of just the two.”