Saturday, July 20, 2024
Happening Now

Damage Reported In Cumberland After Tuesday Weather

Damages reported in Cumberland County after thunderstorms moved through Tuesday afternoon.

EMA Director Travis Cole said the event was in a more isolated area of the county called Tabor Loop.

“Which we had a tornado there a couple of years ago in the same area,” Cole said. “But it was much, much less damage this time. We think it was just straight-line winds.”

Cole said there were no injuries and only one home was displaced for the evening. He said there were mainly a few downed trees and one downed powerline.

Cole said they sent the report to the National Weather Service. He said they should hear back in a few days to confirm what kind of weather event it was, wind speeds, and other details.

“It may take a few more days to hear back just because of the amount of weather activity today,” Cole said.