Monday, November 30, 2020
Happening Now

Crossville Opens Relief Valves as Rain Approaches

Crossville has gone ahead and opened the relief valves at Lake Holiday Wednesday, instead of November 1.

Crossville City Manager Greg Wood said this is done to lower the lake so residents can work on their dock over the winter. However, Wood said there was too much rain last year to lower the lake and wants to avoid the same thing this year.

“With Tropical Storm Zeta combining with the Winter Storm Billy, we’ve seen it rain all day and it’s probably going to rain into tomorrow,” Wood said. “Rather than let the lake level get up any further, we just went ahead and opened the valve.”

Wood said this will hopefully prevent water from getting on residents docks and off the shore line. Wood said the valves will remain open to allow residents to complete their winter work.

He said lowering the lake is a process done every three years.