Thursday, February 29, 2024
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CRMC Undergoing Systems Review To Assess Government Policy Compliance

Cookeville Regional Medical Center has begun its first systems review under its current Corporate Integrity Agreement.

Corporate Compliance Officer Paula Duty told the Board of Trustees Thursday night that an independent review organization will assess the hospital’s adherence to government policies. Duty said senior hospital staff and, potentially, board members can expect to be interviewed as part of the review.

“It’s part of our compliance efforts to make sure that we are jumping through all of the hoops and making sure that we have checked all of the boxes that the government requires so that we are compliant with all of the rules and regulations that the hospital has to follow,” Duty said.

Duty said Cookeville Regional is in its fourth year under the current Corporate Integrity Agreement which is the scheduled occasion for the review. Duty said the process of staff interviews and inspection will carry through at least April when the final report is filed with the Office of Inspector General.

Duty said the organization will spend the majority of the review evaluating documents that refer to Cookeville Regional’s ongoing contractual arrangements. Once the documents have been checked, they will begin the process of discussing their findings with the hospital staff and the Corporate Compliance Committee to ensure that there is a firm understanding of hospital policies on both ends.

Duty also said that April’s report will include a security risk assessment and a compliance risk assessment. The hospital is working with CyberMaxx to assess the hospital’s strength against potential security risks.